CBD Isolate

The most pure form of CBD is crystalline or isolate. They’re both 99% CBD. The main difference between the two is the form. Crystalline looks like clear rock candy. It’s fairly hard and is pure CBD. Isolate is also pure CBD, but it’s in powder form.

Both of these forms have zero THC which is important for many people. The acronym THC is enough to scare some people away from trying CBD. They hear, “trace levels” and think you’re trying to trick them into getting high.

No THC Please

After the refer madness epidemic, millions of people view weed as an illegitimate street drug that destroys lives, not a therapeutic plant.

Cannabis is far from an illegitimate street drug and much closer to a holistic multi-purpose medicine than a life destroyer. A good argument can be made for cannabis being responsible for claiming the lives of many, but it’s nearsighted. The real cause of the loss of lives has been because of the war on drugs. If cannabis wasn’t systematically demonized and made illegal, thousands of lives would have been spared. The war on drugs is the real culprit, not cannabis.

Since we live in a traumatized society, having a zero THC option is something I’m extremely grateful for. I’ve been able to help a lot of people get the help they need through CBD who were vehemently opposed to using other forms with trace levels of THC. I love CBD crystalline and isolate.

Dissolves in Water

A huge benefit of isolates is their dissolvability. Our bodies are composed of mostly water, so having a form of CBD that dissolves in water is fantastic. It helps our bodies to absorb it more efficiently. Our bodies can’t absorb oil as well because water and oil don’t mix well. A lot of CBD oil gets wasted through our excretory system.

With isolate, the vast majority of it is used by your body. That is the big advantage to using isolate, even bigger than the absence of THC. You probably won’t feel a difference between zero THC products and trace level products. You’ll be able to rest easy, not having to worry one iota about drug tests, but you won’t reap any noticeable benefits from it.

The bioavailability of isolate turns out to be a big money saver. It’s more bioavailable and it’s cheaper. The process to make isolate must cost a lot less than the process to make oil based products or tincture. Nothing comes close to the bargain you get with these products.

Nothing Replaces Experience

CBD is something that you have to try. It can be hard to describe and is best left to the professional researchers and your own personal experience. Their language can be hard to interpret which is where sites like this try to pickup the slack. We try to take research and interpret it into plain English, which can be an arduous task.

What can be harder than that is taking our personal experience and interpreting it into a clear concise paragraph. Translating feelings we’ve never felt into words is fun and challenging. It’s a tough job but we’re up for the task or helping America learn about hemp CBD.