Our website is all about cannabis, a plant worthy of all of our attention. We love all forms of cannabis, but our favorite is hemp. Getting high is not really our thing, but we love the unique benefits of the Cannabis genus of plants. Thanks to 66 cannabinoids, and over 400 nutrients, we get to enjoy an array of benefits without getting high. That’s what hemp is all about. It allows us to still enjoy cannabis but without the debilitating high.

We believe hemp is the most noteworthy plant in the world and should be celebrated every single day. There doesn’t have to be a big festival every day, but there should be a moment of silence before consuming your cannabis. Some people use this time to say a prayer of thanks. If you’re not particularly religious, then just use the time to be grateful. We don’t want to force any of our beliefs on you. This isn’t a website about religion. We think that being grateful for the benefits of cannabis will keep us grounded and prevent us from taking the plant for granted.

In today’s society, we treat cannabis like a criminal. I’m thankful that it’s not capable of holding a grudge and always delivers the cannabinoids right when I need them. If cannabis were to hold a grudge against humans for all of the atrocities we’ve committed as a collective, we’d be in deep trouble.

The war on drugs has destroyed thousands of pounds of perfectly good cannabis. All the cannabinoids, all the healing properties…just wasted. Don’t worry though, we’ve been forgiven for our transgressions against nature. Luckily, plants don’t hold grudges.

The Truth is Out

The truth about cannabis has been hidden for a long time. The ancients knew about the therapeutic effects, but somehow that knowledge got lost between then and now. We’ve recently started to discover the beauty of this plant once again.

If you have never tried cannabis, you will undoubtedly be surprised by the effects. It’s indescribable. The effect of CBD is more subtle but the effects of THC are very strong. There’s no mistaking if the THC kicked in or not, you’ll know.

These two cannabinoids are the most abundant ones in cannabis plants. They combine to deliver a lot of benefits to our bodies, which effect us in different ways.