Cannabis Is A Versatile Plant Worth Celebrating

If there’s any plant in the world worth celebrating, it’s cannabis. It has a strong track record of continually contributing to humanity in many different ways.

The ancients used hemp to make fabrics, ropes, sails, and canvases among many other things. It was the most durable material they had available. In more recent times, people have used marijuana and hemp to prevent seizures, relieve pain, and stop the spread of cancer (1).

Our society has benefited so much from the use of cannabis-based products. A lot of people do not want to inhale smoke, so they uses other THC and CBD-based products such as oil extracts, edibles, and tincture. These products are infused with various strains which come from one of the three species of Cannabis.

Two of the three species are psychoactive and one doesn’t have a psychoactive effect which makes it perfect for people who can’t be high on the job.

Three Species of Cannabis

It tall slender plant that is part of a family of flowering plants known as Cannabaceae. The Cannabaceae family contains 170 different plant species.

Cannabis is a relatively small genus in the Cannabaceae family, containing only two distinct species. These two species are Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica. Both of these species flower small buds, containing tens of nutrients that haven’t been found in any other plant in the world.

The nutrients have been dubbed, “cannabinoids.” There are 66 unique cannabinoids in these plants (2). They are found in varying levels which are determined by the species and specific strain. The most abundant ones are THC and CBD. All of the other cannabinoids are found in much lower levels than these two, which are also found in varying levels from strain to strain.


Even though indica and sativa plants share the same genus, they’re are very different. You can easily tell the difference between these two plants after they have reached maturity.

An indica plant is a lot shorter than it’s sister, often maturing at only 2 feet tall. The tallest indica plants top out at 6 feet tall (3). They are easily recognized by their short and wide appearance. Short and wide is not ideal for maximum flower production, which is the reason indicas yield less buds than sativas. You can expect to harvest up to 3 ounces from each plant, but not any more than that. On the lower end, you could only walk away with 1 ounce.

Even though you may only get 1 ounce, don’t feel bad. Indica is well-known for it’s unrivaled THC potency. Traditionally, indica has had much higher CBD content than sativa. For that reason, it has become very popular among medical marijuana patients looking for pain relief. When you buy marijuana edibles online, there is a good chance they will be made with an indica cannabis oil.


With indica, you can expect a more sedative-like effect. You can remember this easily by the phrase, “indica leaves you in-da-couch.” It means you won’t want to get up because you’ll feel so relaxed and at ease. These strains are very soothing and relaxing whereas sativas have a history of triggering anxiety in some, but not all patients.


Sativa is almost the complete opposite of indica. It’s easily recognized by it’s slim and tall stature, sometimes growing up to 20 feet tall! Being slim and tall is good for business. These plants can yield upwards of 1 pound of buds.

The buds won’t have as much THC as the indica buds, but they’ll have enough for people who enjoy the effects of a nice sativa strain. These strains traditionally come with a lot less CBD as well. The CBD content is not as relevant these days. So many strains have been cross-bred and hybridized, you have to learn the specifics of the strain before assuming it does or doesn’t have CBD based on it’s species.


If you’re using a sativa-based product, you can expect to get a cerebral-high. We’ve noticed that sativa strains also will give you a serious case of the munchies, more so than indica strains. It’s smart to have food prepared so you’re not sitting their with extreme hunger but unable to drive. You also might notice yourself feeling more energized and creative. A lot of artists like the effect these strains have on their music.



Scientist have not agreed on how to classify hemp. Some of them want it to be classified as a third species, Cannabis ruderalis, under the Cannabis genus. Opponents argue that it should fall under the Cannabis sativa species. The jury is still out on the classification, but for now we’ll talk about it as a third species since it’s so distinctly different than the other two.

Hemp is a special kind of cannabis that doesn’t have much THC at all. It is worthy of your attention if you don’t like being high or know someone who could benefit from cannabis but is opposed to getting high. The hemp plant has trace levels of THC which usually don’t exceed 1%. Some products on the market have no THC. These products are CBD-rich, which is what gives them their therapeutic effects. This is so much different than marijuana strains because there is no psychoactive effect with hemp.

Out of all the cannabis plants, hemp is the most versatile. It can take marijuana on head-to-head in a battle of the medicinals, but it can also be used for all sorts of things such as biofuels and making clothes.

There is a long list of benefits to using this form of cannabis, but it all boils down to personal preference and the reason you’re using it. Certain conditions may be better for marijuana, while others could be better for hemp usage.

Over 10,000 Years Old

For many thousands of years, cannabis has played a major role in the lives of humans. No one really knows how far back the contributions of cannabis go. We know it’s at least several thousand years, possibly much further.

Archeologists found solid gold bongs in the massive burial mounds left behind by the Scythians. These bongs are over 2400 years old and contained marijuana residue. This supports the case that some scientists are making, claiming that the ancients did in fact use marijuana, not just hemp as some scholars like to claim.

With piles of evidence mounting up, it’s becoming more apparent that ancient people got high. For some, saying that is a sin because they have some holy reverence for our ancestors and a demonic view of marijuana. I don’t see anything wrong with their usage of marijuana. Seems natural to me.

How long ago the ancients first started enjoying nice rips off of bongs and getting high is yet to be determined. We have older evidence of them using hemp for various different reasons.

Hemp dates back to at least 8000 BC (4). A piece of hemp fabric was excavated from Turkey, which used to be called Mesopotamia. The Mesopotamians had to harvest and processed hemp to make fabric, unless they traded with another group of people for the fabric. We don’t know for certain, but we know  cannabis has been around for over 10,000 years.